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New site Value

This new site essentially accomplishes what this blog set out to accomplish which was to have a list of all the sites with some sort of domain evaluation tools. Only this site is a bit cleaner and the websites are easier to find. The new site is value   In it were added a couple more sites that have to do with site valuations. Glurk has is my favorite in that it takes into account things other than just traffic.

Who is

There are a number of websites that provide who is information. These are generally helpful in getting contact info, but with private registration some site are able to hide behind that wall and I find that people who do so really don’t pay much attention to the email they get if anyone wishes to make inquiries.

When the domain is not privately registered you can get a contact name address and phone# as well as an email address of the registrant of the domain which at one time was often the web hosting company but today as people and businesses become more web savvy they are registering their own domains and the contact info goes strait to them.

Examples or who is look-ups for - This is site also includes the ability to look up other domains owned by the same person/company but you have to pay to get that information. - you have to admire the brilliance of the creator of this look up system in that they got the name “who” and the extension .is

Data on

Its amazing how many sites are just about gathering data and evaluating other sites. These are just a few of the sites that report on

One .com = 100’s of website about that dot. com. most ceated automatically some with a human touch and for most a combination of both.

The evaluators. So what is a domain worth. depends on where you look and what system is being used to make the calculation.

For example can range form $500 to $1800 depending on the site. For example on website outlook is $1817.This is the site you might want somone to see if your the seller.

As a buyer you might prever the 501.51 value of on cubesat

They seem to be in agreement as to the number of page views within 10% but the end conclusion is over 300% apart.

Some sites do not try to put numbers but give an idea by showing the number iof incoming links you can look up the powersportsdata linkage here.